Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Project Managers Process Flow

    • Company Overview

    • Team Process Flow Chart -Project Manager

    • Project Manager Transition Process

    • DRAFT Presentation Version: Project Manager Transition Process

    • DRAFT Video Version: Project Manager Transition Process

    • What is a Statement of Work?

    • Video: What is Statement of Work?

    • When will a Project Manager be assigned a project?

    • What is a Website Checklist?

    • What is a Website Layout Template?

    • Video: What is a Website Layout Template?

    • Creating a Color Block in Canva

    • When will Project Manager coordinate to the Contractors (Designer/Developer)?

  • 2

    Module 2: Project Manager Platform to Use

    • Email

    • Accelo

    • Slack

    • textnow

    • Video Conference (Zoom or Whereby)

    • Google Calendar

    • Google Drive Folder

  • 3

    Module 3: Project Manager Interaction with Clients

    • When to Interact with Clients?

    • How to interact with Clients?

    • What are the platforms to use when Coordinating with Clients?

    • Module 3: Quiz

  • 4

    Module 4: Accelo Training for Project Managers

    • How to Verify Accelo Account

    • Terms & Definitions

    • Accelo Navigation Toolbars

    • Accelo Module: List Navigation

    • Accelo Basic Project Tutorial: Outline

    • Accelo Basic Project Tutorial: Video

    • How to Invite Client to Accelo Portal

    • Portal

    • How Project Manager Navigate Time Logs in Accelo

    • Logs & Report for Weekly PM Meeting

    • Module 4: Quiz

  • 5

    Evaluation Test: DEMO Instruction for Project Managers

    • Evalution Test Instruction

    • 1st DEMO: Accomplish Tasks under 1st Milestone

    • 2nd DEMO: Accomplish Tasks under 2nd Milestone

    • 3rd DEMO: Accomplish Tasks under 3rd Milestone: “Website Set Up Phase”

    • 4th DEMO: Accomplish Activity for Last Milestone: “Design, Development and Delivery Phases”